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SKYTIME is a concept art work of Elaine Summers. You are invited by Elaine, our skytime crew, and skytime members and friends to work together to realize this dream of the infinite dimensions of the sky with your imagination and to share your knowledge and experiences in every language.

Be a SKYTIME member, join us in a world wide celebration of the wonders of the sky in every media, by and with everyone everywhere. It is an exploration of the History, Myths, Culture, Scientific triumphs, and Arts of the Sky.

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It will illuminate the enormous potential and possibilities of our electronic skyways using every known method of communication from the simple 'word o'mouth' or hand drums to the most complex electronic instruments of our constantly developing super electronic highways, web sites, e-mail, Internet, radio, satellite, telephones.... plus all the future video, computer, cyberspace discoveries.

It will take place everywhere under the sun, the stars, the moon, rainbows, and in the sky. There will be Festivals, Teleconferences, Performances, Events, and Telecommunications at Universities, Museums, Schools, Laboratories, Space Stations, Planetariums, on the street, in cities, towns, hamlets, parks, lakes, rivers and oceans.